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Pinterest Product PRO Feed
โดย SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
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Pinterest Product PRO Feed

โดย SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
Connect your store with the account Pinterest
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  • ภาพรวม Pinterest Product PRO Feed

        Create product feed and auto-publish pins on Pinterest
        Manage your product feed settings in the apps panel
        Set up free shipping, condition product, URL to track traffic and additional images
        Use ribbon, brand, availibility to create product groups on Pinterest
    Growing your business and traffic with Pinterest Product PRO Feed Get your products in front of 400M people on Pinterest Connect your account. Install the Pinterest Product Catalog Feed app to quickly upload your product catalog and publish Pins for items you sell. Automatically create and update your Pins Every new product added or changes made are automatically updated in your product feed. No code required When you update your product in WIX, your Pins will be updated within 24 hour. Connect your account and automate your Pinterest marketing You can be growing your business and traffic 24 hours a day. Even when you’re asleep! People on Pinterest can easily discover, save and buy products from your website for free, without any advertising spend from you. Increase organic reach and save time and money Sync your product catalog automatically on Pinterest. Increase your sales, reach and save you many hours each week.


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    / เดือน
    Unlimited export. Create & update pins
    Manage advanced settings in the panel
    Add product groups
    Add URL track traffic & free shipping
    * เป็นราคาในสกุลเงิน USD

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