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We design and manage premium and custom websites for our clients. We would love to work with you. We stand by our project portfolio by offering a foot forward for our clients. One of our core strengths includes SEO and branding. We offer different elements of brand design to your website that also includes the basic functionality of every website design. We also include custom integrations upon need of the project....


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To say working with Craig was a disappointment would understate the difficulties I encountered. When initially contacted by CJMG and after discussing our needs, we were told the site would be updated and running by the end of the week. That was only 3 days out and obviously I was excited with this answer. That was April 10, 2024 and considering the site was still not updated as of me cutting ties with him on June 6th, didn't make the initial deadline. Along the way we did add some requests for the site and each time we were told that the updates would be completed in a very short amount of time and the site would be live. This never occurred, but we did continue to receive promises that the next day would bring a live site. Never happened. After going back and looking at my conversations with him, we were told 19 times that the site would be operational by that evening or the next day. This never happened. To wrap it up, lots of excuses, but no product delivered. ...
Sorry about the project results. Let's tell the actual story about the project. As you can see from your website design, we totally rearranged and branded your website project. We did not complete the inventory that you requested and paid for. Your front page, header, footer, contact page and animations are all our work. You filed a complaint after the completion of the design of the website and was refunded in full for work that was completed via the website. We owed you for inventory setup which was $150 of the final $800 project. You cancelled the project and I do take the delays as our fault as a business with the inventory but the communication was there and the design aspect of the site was completed. That's why you paid your final balance and was billed for inventory setup. You received a full refund and basically did not pay us for the services provided for design services applied to your website. If you want to try to ruin someone's business reputation at least tell the entire truth and not steal services along the way. Your website was redesigned top to bottom. You did not receive inventory setup. You took $700 from our business....